Bangalore Masala is a set of 12 postcards which celebrates the spirit of the city Bengaluru, India. Every place has a identity attached to it related to food. I wanted to explore Bengaluru as a city through it's food identity. I took up 12 such home-cooked dishes.For each of the 12 postcard, I picked 12 dishes with a main ingredient that are predominantly cooked in the kitchens of Bengaluru. This main ingredient of each food preparation is photographed to put emphasis and the rest of the recipe is illustrated around it. 
Each postcard has a front flap where the main ingredient is spilling out onto the postcards with the name of the recipe. The inside of this flap has the recipe written down. 
Banana | Baale Muruku
Toor Dal | Dal ki sabzi
Dry Coconut | Dry Coconut Chutney
Cardamom | Godhi ke laddoo
Jaggery | Gud ke chawal
Sesame seeds | Ellu Bella
Chana dal | Unde Huli
Rice | Rice Burfi
Poha | Gojjavalaki
Poopy seeds | Gasagase Payasa
Methi leaves | Methi leaves Chitrana
Rasam powder | Hurulikalu Rasam
Use of flaps to increase interaction.
Close-up of one of the recipes.
Effective use of the flap.
The Packaging was an envelope made of Kannada  (local language of Bangalore) to extend the close-to-home feel of the set. 

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